Southeast Ohio Fiberworks | Finn | Pale Pink
Southeast Ohio Fiberworks | Finn | Pale Pink

Southeast Ohio Fiberworks | Finn | Pale Pink

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“Pale Pink"

80g / 270 yards
85% Finn and FinnX Wool / 15% Silk

We bought the last of a very limited supply of these beautiful, soft, 2-ply fingering weight house yarns. This wool blend is sleek and cool to the touch! Southeast Ohio Fiberworks custom-blended these and had them made at a nearby mill. Once they're gone, they're gone!

The fiber for these yarns came from USA flocks of Finnsheep and Finn crosses and favor the soft natural sheen of this sheep breed's fiber.

Bits of vegetable matter remain in this mill-processed fiber. Simply pick out the larger bits as you work your project, the small bits will shake or fall out as you go!

Handwash gently all your wool items in only cold water with a mild wool wash, do not agitate or wring! Instead, roll the item in a towel and press to remove excess water, dry flat, block if necessary.

This process will prevent felting and, in the case of dyed yarns, your use of cold water will minimize or prevent any color bleed onto your other clothing items.

Handmade in Southeast Ohio by Owner Lisa Heinz of Southeast Ohio Fiberworks.

Southeast Ohio Fiberworks’ goal is to source the wool for most of their yarns from southeast Ohio and nearby Appalachian regions. 

With a focus on sustainability and ethical textile production practices, Southeast Ohio Fiberworks hopes to develop a line of small batch yarns to help meet  growing demand.